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    Soumaya Ghozzi


    Thanks to you I found the strength and determination to go back to programming... I loved your way of teaching and interpreting lessons and making them simplistic to get information to everyone... I really benefited a lot from you and I hope you continue to give what you do.

    Rania Ben Mohammed


    I started to learn angular through your playlist, and it helped me to understand how it works and I understood the language architecture thanks to these videos.

    thank you so much Ali ❤️

    Devalère KAMGUIA



    I am Devalère KAMGUIA, Cameroonian, 32 years old. I have been working as a senior developer for 5 years and now I'm at Accenture. I come through this little note to express my gratitude to Ali Bouali, I learned a lot from his teachings.

    Hi, I’m Ali Bouali - {Alibou}

    I started my software development journey at 2011, throughout my career, I worked on different projects for different companies which allowed me to learn different technologies such as, Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, AWS and more, that knowledge was essential to reach the level of a senior software engineer.

    Finally I would like to add a few things about me as a developer.

    What I would like to talk about is what drives me to work so hard, it’s about many reasons but mainly I’m fascinated by how many programming languages can create an ecosystem that works so well together in spite of each language’s fundamental differences from the other, in short the technical stack is what really matters to me. No matter how many years I put into development I can never get enough of learning new technologies and improving my knowledge.

    But after so many years of learning I thought about sharing my knowledge so I opted to create a Youtube channel and my personal website where I publish videos and courses to help other gain more knowledge and experience in software development.

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    [email protected]